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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dianne Whitehead


Obesity is a major U.S. public health epidemic. A review of the current literature identified a lack of obesity counseling with individuals. The gap in practice was a lack of understanding of nutrition, nutrition labeling, and how foods affect health. The objective of this project was to identify the community assessment need related to obesity and then educate APRNs on ways to better communicate with obese patients. This project focused on an education program for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) on using the 5 A's framework for obesity counseling to improve their knowledge and skill in counseling their overweight and obese patients in a rural primary care clinic. Knowles' adult learning theory was used to develop the education project. The education program was presented to and evaluated by 2 APRNs at a rural health clinic. The providers requested the information be placed online so they could give the presentation their undivided attention. The audio-based PowerPoint presentation and printed copies of the presentation content were e-mailed to each of the providers. The presenter went to the clinic 3 days after placing the presentation online to obtain the evaluations and answer any questions. An impact evaluation assessed the presenter, audience learning experience, and confidence and skill of the participant. The participants reported they had a better understanding of the reality of the obese population and how they could improve their communication by using the 5 A's method of assessment. Both participants reported the presentation was clear and easy to understand. A recommendation was made to conduct a future quality improvement project expanding the use of the educational program. This project has the potential to impact social change by improving health care education and ultimately reducing obesity.

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