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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Susan Fan


Global information technology (IT) project management organizations can create more value in their operations by presenting the core competencies possessed by global IT project managers (PMs) who are successful in their respective projects. The purpose of this multiple case study was to explore the core competencies and business strategies that IT PMs use to meet global IT project deadlines and budgets. This study involved 5 IT PMs from the Pacific Northwest (United States and Canada) who increased the quality of outsourced IT projects from 4 different companies. The data collection method included in-person semistructured interviews of participants and review of existing company data. Thematic analysis of data included the use of member checking to ensure that the results of this study accurately reflected the experiences of the participants. The conceptual framework that guided the research was organizational learning theory. Two major themes were uncovered during data analysis; the first was global IT project management barriers and reasons for failure, and the second was competencies and strategies for successful global IT project management. Additionally, 4 subthemes were identified: lack of communication and quality, issues with culture and time, mindful of cost and coordination, and cultural awareness and communication. This study shows how successful IT projects benefit organizations and society with better products and services at lower costs. The findings may assist IT PMs in applying core competencies and business strategies to manage global IT projects to meet project deadlines and proposed budgets, which may, in turn, help companies contribute to corporate social responsibility efforts through improvements in ethical standards and international norms.