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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Catherine Garner


There is a practice gap in the self-management education of patients with chronic low back pain. Insufficient self-management leads to increased frequency of flare-ups of low back pain, disability, loss of productivity, and increased cost of health care. The guiding practice-focused question was focused on the unmet self-management support needs of the chronic low back pain patients in a Midwestern state local pain clinic. The purpose of this descriptive cross-sectional study was to ascertain the unmet needs of patients' self-management support by analyzing the results of a patient study performed by this clinic. The theoretical principles of the model for evidence-based practice change, the chronic care model, and the middle-range theory of self-care of chronic illness were used. The evidence included the analysis of the Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care Survey (PACIC) data from 100 patients treated in this pain clinic. The clinic used the PACIC questionnaire to collect data from its 100 chronic low back pain patients, selected by simple random sampling method. The average weighted scores of these patients' responses were below the norm on all PACIC subscales and summary scores. According to study results, this pain clinic did not meet the self-management support needs of its chronic low back pain patients. Evidence-based recommendations were made for the improvement in the medical model of patient care by including nurse-led patient education and support. The positive social change is the improvement in the health status of this growing health population by meeting their identified education and support needs. Positive results from this nurse-led intervention could lead to the dissemination and widespread implementation of these recommendations in other pain clinics.

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