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Public Health


Dr. John W. Oswald


Breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy often experience severe levels of anxiety and depression. There is a gap in the research literature from Africa, particularly from Ghana, with few studies focusing on the assessment of anxiety and depression among breast cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment. A better understanding was essential to promote efforts to help breast cancer patients cope with their diagnosis and treatment and increase their overall quality of life. This mixed method study examined breast cancer patients in Ghana undergoing radiotherapy and their responses related to anxiety and depression through a concurrent triangulation involving an interview with selected professional participants and a detailed patient survey. Patients completed 2 modified scales, the Patient Health Questionnaire and Depression Anxiety Stress Scale. The sample consisted of 100 patients between the ages of 20-89. Individual interviews were held with 6 professionals with a minimum of 5 years of work experience. Themes were generated through open coding of the interview data, while multiple regression was performed to determine the relationship between depression and anxiety with the independent variables . Findings of this study indicated the need intervene through counseling and education on behalf of patients in Ghana as they undergo breast cancer treatment. Age and monthly income of patients were statistically significant in predicting the anxiety and depression among the patients. The study's implications will lead to positive change when all stakeholders take on the responsibility of implementing measures to promote coping strategies for breast cancer patients in Ghana.