Canadian Foreign Policy and Kenya: Implementing Good Governance

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Public Policy and Administration


Ernesto Escobedo


There is a disparity between the stated priorities for the Canadian International Trade Department, Canadian foreign policy, and implementation and support from Canadians within Kenya. Disparities in Canada's foreign policy toward Kenya can lead to policy confusion, which can be detrimental to Kenya's government and relations between Canada and Kenya. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to collect information from Canadian diplomats based in Kenya and stakeholders in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kenya to better understand Canada's foreign policy implementation toward Kenya. Liberal political philosophy served as the conceptual framework for the study. Data were collected through questionnaires and interviews of 31 foreign policy representatives across both countries. Data were analyzed through axial coding to identify themes, which included Canada, with the subthemes of engagement and good practices, and Kenya, with the subthemes of policy and governance. Canada's foreign policy representatives encourage bilateral engagement between the 2 countries and good practices based on transparency and accountability are important for positive foreign relations with Kenya. For Kenya, instituting democratic policies and governance procedures are important for the nation's continuing economic and political development. The study adds to foreign policy literature on how bilateral foreign policy implementation can help developed nations assist developing nations to become more self-reliant. The study may lead to positive social change by providing information on the importance of bilateral foreign policy implementation to the positive stewardship of developing nations.

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