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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Andrea R. Jennings-Sanders


Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a key driver of care and advancements within nursing. It is essential to emphasize EBP early in a nurse's career to promote inquisitive minds and enthusiasm for seeking evidence. The purpose of this project was to implement an EBP mobile app into a nurse residency program (NRP) to improve the process of providing EBP information and resources to new graduate nurses. The intent of the project was to leverage mobile technology to engage new graduate nurses in evidence-based practice. Roger's diffusion of innovation framework guided the project. The target audience for the project was 16 new graduate RNs participating in a health system's NRP who attend the EBP module and were required to complete an EBP project. The EBP module was provided during a classroom lecture and the mobile application was downloaded. After using the EBP module, all attendees were sent an electronic survey with open-ended questions related to the mobile application. Responses were reviewed to identify patterns. Survey responses reflected that a 50% did not utilize the mobile application. However, those that did use the mobile application (50%) found it useful and had a positive perception of the mobile application. Continued use of the mobile application and promotion of the mobile application for new graduate nurses may help with their own personal development of an EBP project. Ultimately, allowing nurses to effectively integrate nursing research into practice and impact patient care quality. This project impacted social change by empowering new nurses with knowledge and information related to evidence based practice and allowed for increased information to be accessible to a large audience of new graduate nurses.

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