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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Eileen Fowles


Despite medical technology and research advances postpartum hemorrhages (PPH) continue to be a leading cause of morbidity and mortality for pregnant women, even in developed countries. One possible explanation for PPHs continuing to be a leading cause of maternal death is inconsistent recognition and timely treatment of women experiencing a PPH. This doctor of nursing practice project attempts to improve labor and delivery nurse knowledge through an educational intervention which will contribute to rapid identification and treatment of PPH. Knowledge change was demonstrated though change in pretest and posttest scores. The educational information and process was guided by adult learning theory and content was based on current research and evidence-based practice guidelines on PPH. Ninety six participants were assessed using a PPH pretest posttest design. The tests consisted of 15 questions. Correct scores were added and a percent correct score was calculated. The data demonstrated that 63% of the participants passed the pretest with an 80% or higher and 90% of the participants passed the posttest with an 80% or higher. The difference was statistically significant, indicating there was an increase in knowledge after the educational materials were presented. This DNP project contributes to social change by ensuring women receive excellent and timely PPH care by nurses who have a strong understanding of PPH and can apply that knowledge through rapid identification and treatment.

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