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Robert W. Swanson, Ph.D.


The purpose of this dissertation was to develop a learning instrument, to be used by programmers preparing for the Data Processing Management Association Test as a self study book, or by college business programming and computer science students who have completed a course in data processing and a course in programming a higher level language. The mathematical ability requirement was minimized by developing the algorithms in parallel with the programs. The learner should experience _emphasis in the following .areas:

l. The type of activities required to pass the DPMA test (the programming part)

2. Data Structures

3. Fortran (at the level of the DPMA test) I

4. RPG (at the level of the DPMA test)

5. Flow chart reading and writing

Fortran and RPG (Report Program Generator) languages were used, since their proficiency is required for the DPMA test; however a subset of IBM Basic Assembler language was used, because the author believed that a person who is more than superficially interested in computers should demonstrate a proficiency with a machine language. An important part of this method of presentation are the cassette recordings which allow the learner to progress outside the classroom. The recordings plus the hard copy of the actual programs, diminished in size, give the learner material which he can move to any location and study without the presence of the instructor.

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