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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Dr. Frederick Nwosu


Some corporate leaders lack knowledge of CSR strategies to improve corporate financial performance. Businesses increase their profit margins when the business leaders integrate social and environmental management into core business processes. Grounded in stakeholder theory, this multicase study involved an exploration of corporate social responsibility factors that contributory to improving market share and financial performance. One-on-one interviews took place, and corporate leaders of 3 Native American owned companies that have implemented successful CSR strategies to improve market share and financial performance within the Midwestern area of the United States, including Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Data triangulation involved the use of field observations, organizational background information, and review of archival records. Modified van Kaam method was instrumental to identifying the variation of potential structural meanings embedded within textural implications as well as to expose core themes and contexts that contribute to the apparent presence of the phenomenon. Some themes that emerged from this study included corporate social responsibility strategies, core value and views, and indications. These themes developed through efforts to identify the CSR strategies and outcomes of Native-owned gaming operations. Identifying successful CSR strategies encourages more companies to participate in socially responsible initiatives. Illustrating successful CSR efforts within Native gaming operations can transform business practices, enhance social performance, and generate positive social change in communities through transforming local Native American communities into vibrant cohesive societies for families to thrive in.

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