Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Gerhard F. Carlson, Ph.D.


This project is devoted to describing a type of public school educational managem8nt program specifically designed to determine, establish, and evaluate meaningful school management objectives and their application. The study describes how school management under this type of program can be a continuing, dynamic, and positive force toward reaching the desired goals of public school education through effective management of administrative personnel.

The Management by Objectives program is described as it was studied and implemented into the Niles Public School system. Key areas covered are:

1. The inspiration for the managem.ent study which led to the establishment of the program; 2. A description of the principles of Accountability Management (Management by Objectives); and 3. The involvement of the Edward N. Hay and Associates Management Consultant firm in assisting in the establishment of the program.

As a result of the management study, the Accountability Management program in Niles is built on five main phases. These phases are described and analyzed in detail in separate chapters. The five basic phases are:

1.The development of position descriptions for all administrative positions; 2. The evaluation of positions - a ranking of administrative positions in the organizational structure; 3. The description of irnportant principles of rnanagement by objectives and the establishment of specific performance objectives for all positions; 4. The formation of a system of performance appraisal; and. 5. The establishment of a salary administration program for the system.

Also included is a review of literature which traces the evolution of educational management from the very early days of school supervision to the present, and how the management styles have changed as school systems and society in general have changed. Recent public appeals for accountability in education are also presented.

The results of an assessment of the understandings, opfnions, and suggestions of the school administrators involved in the Niles Managment by Objectives program are presented and analyzed. In general, the analysis of the administrative reactions to the new management program indicates that: 1. The Management by Objectives program has helped most of the administrators involved to better direct their efforts toward the performance of their jobs; 2. Administrators feel that Accountability Management should be introduced to teacher also; 3. There is a need to seek ways to help the administrators involved gain more knowledge about the program; and 4. Compared to the previous traditional system of school management, the administrators involved regard the new Management by Objectives program in Niles as a better management system.