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Branford McAllister


Leadership can improve the quality of work through motivation or degrade work through pressure. Leadership effectiveness depends on style and work environment. Differences in work environment may create challenges for leaders transitioning from private to public organizations. The purpose of this quantitative correlational study was to examine the relationship between leadership styles and ease of transition from private to public organizations. The study included the full-range leadership model as the theoretical foundation. Seventy-seven public sector employees in Ontario, Canada, participated in a survey to measure leadership style and effectiveness of transition from private to public sector. Results of multiple linear regression analysis indicated that only the transactional leadership style had a significant positive relationship with the ease of transition from private to public sector. The study indicated that ease of transition of leaders moving from the private to the public sector would be higher for leaders who practice the transactional style of leadership more frequently. The results of this study might effect positive social change for public sector organizations in improving their hiring, orientation, and training of leaders transitioning from the private sector, resulting in better led and more effective public organizations. The result of this study could also positively affect leaders by providing a better understanding about how their styles might help or hinder their transition from the private sector, and enable them to succeed after their transition to the public sector.