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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Patricia Schweickert


A significant nursing shortage exists in the United States, which is compounded by high turnover rates. Skilled nurse preceptors are needed to train and assimilate nurses, which would improve retention of nurse preceptors, facilitate transition of nurses to the practice environment, and increase the number of preceptors within the organization. A preceptor preparation program in a 300-bed hospital was developed to promote nurse preceptor success while enhancing learning outcomes and creating a supportive work environment. The organization's leaders are interested in the successes of the program and its long-term role in retaining nurse preceptors who completed the preceptor preparation program. Therefore, the purpose of this doctor of nursing practice (DNP) project was to develop a program evaluation model where the institution could assess the retention rate of preceptors and the overall effectiveness of the program. The evaluation framework consisted of the Benner's model skill acquisition, from novice to expert, which will assist in assessing outcomes of retention of nursing preceptors as they evolved through the program. The project question for this DNP project asked whether a program evaluation to identify methods to capture current rate of retention of preceptors and overall program effectiveness could be developed. A survey tool was successfully developed and the pilot study was accepted by the facility to capture and evaluate the program information. This project provides a model for program evaluation and may increase the nursing literature on preceptor retention programs. Preceptor program outcomes are important to evaluate and can create positive social change regarding the number of quality preceptors available to train new nurses in practice.

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