Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Elina Lampert-Shepel


In the United States, educators have struggled with low student achievement in reading proficiency, which affects student success in school and leads to higher dropout rates. To address low reading proficiency scores, a local charter high school implemented the myON'reader program. The myON reader program is an electronic library that allows students to choose their own reading based on their reading level and interest. The program tracks students' reading habits and level of reading, so teachers can determine students' progress. Guided by self-directed learning and social constructivism, the purpose of this study was to review available data to determine if the program increased students' reading assessment scores. This study used a mixed-methods design and 3 sets of data: a reading assessment (n = 39), the myON'reader program itself (n = 39), and a semi-structured interview (n = 2). A paired-samples t test determined a statistically significant difference between pretest and posttest data in assessments of students using the myON'reader program. Pearson's correlation coefficient determined a statistically significant correlation between the difference in the reading test scores and hours the students read, as well as a statistically significant correlation between reading test scores and Lexile level of reading. Finally, a semi-structured interview was conducted to determine the teachers' opinions of the program providing additional data for triangulation. The interview was recorded, transcribed, and coded to determine common themes. The positive social change implications included the improvement of student reading ability at the local charter high school, which over time will develop students better prepared for success.