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Steven Tippins


Nonprofit agencies are instrumental in U.S. society and local communities. While there is significant outreach targeted for wealthy and middle-class Caucasian families, there is a lack of targeted effort for African Americans. The purpose of this case study was to explore the strategies development directors use to engage and retain African American donors. The focus of the research questions was what factors lead to successful engagement campaigns for African Americans. The qualitative case study was suitable for gathering data from multiple sources of information, including an interview questionnaire and existing literature. A purposeful sampling strategy was appropriate for choosing 5 development directors from 5 nonprofit organizations for the open-ended interviews. Transcribed data were analyzed by comparing responses that led to theme creation. Source triangulation utilized for trustworthiness and response interpretation revealed community development, fostering relationships and intentional engagement are themes that attract African Americans. Results of the study showed development directors who utilize community based and family oriented themes and targeted social media campaigns reach more African American patrons. The social implications outlined in this study are intended to assist nonprofit leaders create a stable donor base so they can positively impact the local community. By addressing engagement strategies with a significant portion of the community, nonprofit leaders can attract and retain this largely untapped market for continued sustainability.