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Childhood obesity has reached an epidemic level in the United States, growing exponentially and posing a great risk to the current and future health of the American people. The trend of increasing incidence of overweight and obesity in children has been occurring for decades; there is a need for multimodal preventative solutions to control the rate of growth. Sufficient evidence has shown a correlation between the feeding of 100% fruit juice to infants as dietary supplements and childhood obesity. Therefore, the purpose of this project was development of a guideline for 100% fruit juice feeding in children that is adaptable to the 2017 American Academy of Pediatrics evidence-based policy statement and educational materials to guide providers in their recommendations for fruit juice consumption in children. The project leveraged information from literature review to develop an obesity prevention and control guideline. Evaluations of the guideline were provided by nurse practitioners using the Appraisal of Guideline, Research and Evaluation II. Nine nurse practitioners at the study site evaluated the guideline. The nurse practitioners' score for overall quality was rated at 93% indicating that the guideline met its objective of providing a plan for improving 100% fruit juice consumption in children. All participating nurse practitioners agreed that the guideline and materials were well prepared, easy to understand, and achievable. Provider education and implementation of the guideline will impact the health of very young children. As a result, vital social change can be achieved in children through positive influence and the empowerment of nurse practitioners to provide obesity control and prevention using the recommended prescriptions for 100% fruit juice consumption for infants and children.

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