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Kristen Beyer


Secondary victims of traumatic violent crimes are subject to continuing the process of fighting for the loved ones they have lost. Once the offender is incarcerated, such victims may still have to face the process of parole if the offender has been granted a possibility of parole after years served. There is a gap in the literature and a need for research in the area of lived experiences for secondary victims as they progress through the parole process. For this study, a phenomenological study was utilized with 10 secondary victim participants. Participants were interviewed questions via telephone and the data were clustered and then thematically analyzed, revealing that participants had feelings of fear, depression, and being forgotten. The participants also stated a lack of aid and knowledge during the parole process and expressed their experiences of difficulty during the parole process. The study found a need for victim aid and resources. The study has positive social implication through research examining the need for victim aid and education for the criminal justice system.