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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Linda Matheson


Minimally invasive aesthetic medicine (MIAM) is a relatively new field, which lacks a clearly defined scope of practice. The purpose of this project was to clarify the scope of practice for nurse practitioners in MIAM in California. Without a clearly defined scope of practice, nurse practitioners are unable to practice to the full extent of their license which causes them to be underutilized and face liability issues. This project sought to answer the question: What is the scope of practice of the nurse practitioner in MIAM in the state of California? The model of professional nursing practice regulation was the model used to guide this project. Sources of evidence included case law that has emerged since 1983; reviewing documents from 3 state boards of nursing; and a survey of nurse practitioners who practice in the field of MIAM. The evidence was analyzed noting themes while determining what the legal backbone is for nurse practitioner's scope of practice in California. This project found that nurse practitioners in this field keep up to date in their knowledge, educate their patients, utilize methods to maintain competency, feel support in their environment, assess and refer to others when appropriate, and teach both staff and patients evidence-based practices. It also found that standardized procedures are the legal backbone to understanding the scope of practice in California. A scope of practice was developed based on the findings of this project which was then reviewed by an expert. It is recommended that nurse practitioners utilize their resources to obtain and maintain knowledge as well as learn what the standardized procedures are in their facility. The implications for clarifying the scope of practice will serve this population to fully utilize their capabilities and practice safely, as well as help to develop this relatively new field.