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Sheryl A. Kristensen


Global warming has become a major threat to life, yet very little information systems

research has been conducted to help sustain the environment and many people do not

understand how social media can be used to combat global warming and climate change

to save the earth. The purpose of this single qualitative case study was to explore whether

social media can be used to increase the use of green technology, thereby reducing the

cost of environmental sustainment. According to the integrated sustainability framework,

which served as the conceptual framework for the study, firms should include green

practices in their business processes, extend green culture to their customers, be

innovative, and increase their green market share for the environment to be sustained.

Twelve green energy professionals working in the United States were recruited from

LinkedIn to participate in the study. Data were collected using structured telephone

interviews, and data were analyzed using Stake's data analysis process and member

checking. Key themes regarding the use of social media to increase the use of green

technology included awareness, education, and reach. Key themes regarding the benefits

of green technology outweighing the cost included cleaner, cheaper, and more profitable.

This study shows that social media can be used to reach millions of people to educate and

keep them aware of the benefits of various green technologies that can be used to live a

green-friendly lifestyle towards sustaining the environment, people, and firms. The

results of this study may encourage humans to use social media to increase the use of

green technology to combat the threat of global warming and climate change.