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Jason Patton


The employment rate among people with visual impairment is very low compared to sighted individuals. Negative attitudes, stereotypes, and misconceptions are held against people with visual impairment by employers, family members, and the general public. The purpose of this transcendental phenomenological study was to explore the lived experiences of 10 people with visual impairment regarding challenges in obtaining and maintaining employment. A transcendental phenomenological conceptual framework was used to guide the study. Data from semistructured interviews were coded and categorized to identify themes. Results revealed 5 essential themes, which showed to be barriers to employment. The themes are: travel difficulties, closed-minded employers, lack of support, lack of accommodations, and job search difficulties. Results also showed a high level of discouragement among individuals with visual impairment regarding interest in seeking employment. Findings may be used to promote awareness and provide insights among employers and the general public to support individuals with visual impairment in seeking and maintaining employment.