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Doctor of Social Work (DSW)


Social Work


Sean R. Hogan


Military-based social workers working with veterans with substance use disorders face many challenges to providing effective treatment services. Understanding environmental, organizational, and client-based factors that affect the provision of substance abuse treatment to veterans is critical for clinical social work practitioners working with this unique client population. As a clinical social work practice problem, this project explored the challenges of providing effective substance abuse treatment services for veterans, specifically those living in central Texas. The purpose of this project was to improve the clinical acumen and practice of social workers working with veterans with substance use disorders. The research question explored the unique substance abuse treatment considerations and challenges for military-based social workers living in central Texas. Systems theory was used to frame this project. Using an action research methodology, 5 clinical social work practitioners with experience working with veterans with substance use disorders participated in in-depth interviews. Themes that emerged from open and axial coding of the data included the importance of transportation for clients accessing services, the effect of client and organizational characteristics on the provision of treatment services, and a lack of training among military-based social work practitioners related specifically to co-occurring disorders. The findings from this project will provide military-based social workers with additional knowledge related to clinical best-practices for veterans with substance use disorders. The project further aligns with the social work profession through its community-based focus and intention to promote social justice and positive social change among this marginalized and vulnerable client population.

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