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Patti Barrows


Public school teachers face a great amount of stress, and that stress may lead to other adverse health outcomes. This study examined elementary public school teachers' stress levels before and after the use of guided imagery relaxation. Guided by the transactional model of stress and coping as the theoretical framework, the purpose of this research was to evaluate the use of guided imagery as an effective technique in the stress reduction of elementary public school teachers, thus enhancing the learning experience of students and creating healthier public school teachers. Eighty-one teachers (71 women, 10 men) participated in this study by completing the Classroom Appraisal of Resources and Demands Inventory Elementary Version. Several variables were examined including gender, years of experience, and adverse health as related to stress experiences. A repeated measures analysis of variance revealed that guided imagery relaxation was statistically significant in reducing stress levels of public school teachers. These results have implications for positive social change by illuminating the utility of a stress-reduction technique for public school teachers. School administrators and educators may find these results useful in their work to retain talented teachers.