Date of Conferral



Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)




Doron Zilbershtein


Successful transformation projects in the retail banking industry focusing on improving customer experiences have yielded a verified increase in earnings per employee. The purpose of this single case study was to reveal the strategies used by transformational team managers to ensure improved customer experiences. The stakeholder theory was used as the theoretical framework to analyze the interplay between the project team and the base organization during the process of improving customer experiences. The population consisted of 6 managers of transformational teams in the Danish retail banking sector who were successfully delivering on assigned goals of improving customer services. The data were collected through both semistructured interviews and review of relevant company documents. Establishing a transparent and detailed audit trail in a combination of using member checking process contributed to the credibility and transferability of the findings. Applying a textual analysis provided the foundation for the development of a systematic hierarchical coding system based on mind mapping visualization of clusters of findings. The outcome led to the emergence of 3 themes: the ability to verify customer needs through various sources; the ability to engage and mobilize relevant internal stakeholders; and the ability for the transformational team to be agile, improvise, and adaptive to emerging challenges. Implications for positive social change include improved area customer experiences enabling customers to plan for a better economic future. Employees will benefit from improved customer experiences with more satisfied customers, which could lead to increased revenue and extended and more stable employment.