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Michael Plasay


Interpersonal sensitivity is a foundational component of interpersonal relationships. It encompasses an individual's self-concept and self-identity, which are formed as the individual develops. An individual's self-concept develops from the norms and mores of his or her society. Soldiers in the U.S. Army have been trained to form a repurposed self to engage in combat and work in combat-focused jobs. The consequence of this training in many cases has been diminished interpersonal sensitivity that has been detrimental to their interpersonal relationships. The Soldier 360° course is a comprehensive treatment program that takes a holistic approach to providing soldiers with self-empowering tools designed to create healing and wellness from the inside out for the individual and for his or her relationships. Deidentified data obtained from Soldier 360° participant scores on the Symptoms Checklist-90-Revised and the Quality of Life Inventory were measured using repeated-measures analysis of variance to examine the effect, if any, of the Soldier 360° program on soldiers' interpersonal sensitivity and overall quality of life. Furthermore, changes based on marital status, parental status, and gender were examined. The findings of this quantitative analysis indicated that there is improvement in the interpersonal sensitivity of participants in the Soldier 360° program; however, no significant effect was found in the categorical examinations. This research contributes to positive social change by expanding knowledge researchers, practitioners, and soldiers themselves can use to help soldiers reclaim their lives, maintain successful relationships, and reduce incidence of suicide.