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Maria Wilson


The Affordable Care Act of 2010 increased the number of patients seen in a northeast, urban trauma emergency department by 34%. This created a problem as it occurred simultaneously with a nursing shortage. Consequently, patient satisfaction scores fell below the national average benchmark. The rate patients left the emergency department without being seen was 2.6% higher than the national average and patient fall rates increased by 20%. A review of the literature to search for solutions led to the support of an hourly rounding project and an educational workshop promoting proactive nurse behaviors as a way to address the quality and safety gap. The goal of this scholarly project was to develop this evidence based, theory supported project and to conduct a formative and summative evaluation by an expert review panel in order to achieve consensus before implementation. An executive team was formed and led through the process of development of a detailed hourly rounding protocol and workshop, which will be implemented at the facility at a later time. A 10 member expert panel was formed. The panel members consented to participate in an explanatory session, to review all project materials, and to complete an anonymous 20 question survey tool. The panel also consented to review any changes made to materials as part of a summative evaluation. Descriptive analysis of the formative data demonstrated a 90% overall agreement that the workshop was comprehensive and covered key concepts within 5 categories. Minor requested revisions were made in response to formative results. The summmative review demonstrated 100% consensus on the revisions. This project will bring about social change by engaging nurses in proactively caring for patients in a safe and efficient manner.

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