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Dana Leach


The World Health Organization has estimated that by 2030, approximately 350 million people will be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Currently, 18.8 million people are diagnosed with T2DM. An additional 7 million people have high blood sugar but have yet to have an official diagnosis of diabetes. The literature supports early identification and prevention are key to reducing the severity of T2DM its complications. The Health Belief Model, the Chronic Care Model and Orem's Theory of Self-Care guided the current proposal, whose purpose was to develop and validate a new T2DM DSME module. A validation of the DSME module was completed by 5 local diabetic clinical experts. Each expert reviewed the DSME modules then completed a 10-question Likert-type scale survey. The survey was used to measure the content amount, ease of use, and visual presentation. Descriptive analysis was employed to analyze these data.

Results revealed that all strongly agreed that the education module was easy to read and follow. They also strongly agreed that there was an adequate amount of educational information within the module. Additional comments from the experts resulted in minor revision to the new DSME. A future pilot study comparing current education to the newly validated DSME module will be implemented post-graduation. Changing the diabetic teaching culture into an improved patient focus role has the potential to reduce the economic healthcare impact and empower patients to bring about positive social change. Social change will also improve trust and confidence among patients within the healthcare organization.

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