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Rachel Moore


The technology acceptance model (TAM) has been widely used to assess technology adoption in business, education, and health care. The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) launched a web-based Individualized Educational Program (IEP) system for school psychologists to use in conducting evaluations and reviews. This quantitative study examined the relationship between school psychologists' TAM factors associated with the web-based IEP system's perceived usability and usefulness measured by a TAM Instrument with individual job performance assessed by the Job Performance Ratings Measure. A random sample of 69 NYCDOE school psychologists participated in this study, and a regression analysis addressed the research questions. The results showed no positive effects of perceived ease of use in job performance. In addition, there were no positive effects of perceived usefulness in job performance. The results of this study might benefit administrators and districts to see the need to explore additional resources. As ease of use and usefulness are vital to technology acceptance, providing resources to school psychologists are key to the overall success of the IEP process. Future research should take a qualitative approach to illuminate why and how school psychologists accept technology, especially when it involves the IEP process.

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