Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Health Services


Dana Leach


Numerous scholars have examined multiprocessors and techniques to decrease the heart failure readmission rate and to improve heart failure patient self-management. This project examined a new teaching method to create the experts' awareness of possible solutions to improve heart failure education in a small community hospital. The purpose of this project was the assessment of a new iPad heart failure patient pre-discharge education program video HFPDEV). Pender's health care model (PHM) served as a framework for this project. Five local nursing educator experts (master prepared) were asked to view a new iPad HFPDEV. After reviewing the 15-minute iPad HFPDEV, the local experts were asked to evaluate the video by completing a Likert-type survey, which evaluated the content, process, design, time, and functionality of the iPad HFPDEV along with a section for comments and recommendations. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze the survey results. Four of the experts defined the content, process, design, and functionality of the iPad HFPDEV as 'excellent.' One defined the content, process, design, and functionality of the iPad HFPDEV as 'adequate.' All experts expressed recommendations to improve the IPad HFPDEV by doubling the iPad size with an enlargement of print for easy reading and erecting all teaching iPads on mobile stands. A future pilot project will evaluate the relationship of HF readmission rate to the iPad HFPDEV. Social change will occur when the organization provides HF patients with iPad HFPDEV that will increase HF self-management skills and decrease HF readmissions.