Date of Conferral



Doctor of Information Technology (D.I.T.)




Branford McAllister


Adverse drug events (ADE) cause many deaths annually in addition to affecting the quality of life of many others. The descriptive mixed methods approach, specifically exploratory case study and experimental design that guided this research utilized the survey and focus group methods to evaluate perceptions about robotic technology (RT) to reduce the rate of ADEs in U.S. nursing homes (NH). There is a lack of scholarly research into whether a conceptual approach rooted in RT can be implemented to assist with drug administrations in NHs. The purpose of this study was twofold. The first purpose was to evaluate the causes of ADEs specifically related to tablets, capsules, and pills. The second purpose was to evaluate the perceptions of nurses and administrators relative to the use of RT to assist in reducing ADEs. In the quantitative part, the sample means from 102 surveys from nurses and administrators were evaluated with the t test and the paired t test; while in the qualitative part, survey results, reported errors, and focus group data was assessed collectively. The research results did not indicate any new causes of ADEs and showed that the participants had a favorable perception of RT. Based on the results of this research, RT may be tailored in such a way that it can significantly reduce ADE occurrences for citizens in U.S. NHs.