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Mohammad Sharifzadeh


In recent years, numerous high tech companies have developed and used technology roadmaps when making their investment decisions. Jay Paap has proposed the Customer Focused Technology Planning (CFTP) framework to draw future technology roadmaps. However, the CFTP framework does not include risk assessment as a critical factor in decision making. The problem addressed in this quantitative study was that high tech companies are either losing money or getting a much smaller than expected return on investment when making technology investment decisions. The purpose of this research was to determine the relationship between returns on investment before and after adding risk assessment to the CFTP framework. Paap's CFTP framework and process to improve technology investments thus served as the theoretical framework for this study. Data were obtained from cloud computing companies using the companies' market risk data and actual returns on investment data. The results and findings of paired sample two-tailed t tests for means and equal variances showed that return on investment was positively related to adding a traditional risk assessment model to Paap's CFTP framework. These findings regarding the addition of risk assessment to the technology investment framework may be used by investors to (a) make better and more expeditious decisions, and (b) obtain a high return on technology investment by selecting the highest return value and lowest risk value.