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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Denise Hackett


Consumer feedback and reviews are critical to the success of businesses because 49% of consumers trust online reviews more than other sources. The purpose of this multicase study was to explore marketing managers' strategies for using consumer reviews to improve marketing success, brand awareness, and their clients' profitability. The conceptual framework for this study was built upon organizational theory and disruptive innovation theory. The participants were recruited through local events, social media, and e-mail. Data were collected from public online records and semistructured telephone interviews using 1 marketing manager from each of 5 marketing agencies in North Texas. Thematic analysis and methodological triangulation of the data revealed themes of marketing objective, response, and reputation management. Based on the findings, the successful businesses focused on building relationships with consumers, and the business leaders prepared responses to reviews to ensure appropriateness. Other marketing managers can review the findings' relevance to create or enhance successful marketing strategies, which could help to increase profitability. The implication for social change is that jobs would be created for enhancing the local economy and residents' standards of living.