Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dana Leach


This DNP project addresses the healthcare issue of intimate partner, domestic, and sexual violence (IPDSV), its impact on survivors, and reducing the potential for retraumatization by those who care for them in the clinical, behavioral, and social settings. Trauma-informed care interventions are designed to address the sequelae of trauma, promote recovery, and support resilience. Since IPDSV is a global health issue, supporting cultural needs of all clients is an essential aspect of trauma-informed care. This project was guided by a central research question that examined if trauma-informed, culturally competent curriculum be viewed by community stakeholders as an appropriate intervention for the education of their workforce in preventing survivor retraumatization. The framework for this project was informed by the sanctuary model, the 4 major tenets of Leininger's theory of culture care diversity and universality, and the 5 constructs of cultural competence by Campinha-Bacote. The focal site was a domestic violence shelter that provides care for a multitude of culturally diverse trauma survivors. Demographic data were collected, and a descriptive analysis performed to determine the diversity and needs of the residents. These data were then used to develop a culturally competent program using trauma-informed principles to prevent the effects of recidivism, and to promote healing, empowerment, and resilience in survivors.