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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Scott Burrus


Business leaders often realize greater profitability when they have strategies to retain IT

employees. However, the cost to replace IT employees creates significant challenges for

business leaders. Given the growing impact of technology on operational costs, retention

of IT employees is imperative. This exploratory single case study sought to identify the

strategies that leaders use to increase IT employee retention. The population was 6

leaders from a military organization in Norfolk, Virginia, responsible for the retention of

IT employees. Herzberg's two-factor theory was the conceptual framework for this study.

The data was collected from semi-structured interviews with 6 leaders along with

organization documents. Data analysis and methodological triangulation included

thematic analysis to identify 7 themes in the study. These 7 themes were quality of life,

telework, leadership, inclusion, and staying abreast of new technology. Implications for

social change include the potential for leaders to save money on recruitment and training.

It also includes organizations becoming profitable through better employee retention

strategies, and it adds to the body of knowledge that leaders could use to provide stable

employment opportunities to individuals. The retention rates among IT employees affect

individuals, families, communities, organizations, and the economy. Implementing

retention strategies may result in improving employee-employer relationships and

organizational profitability.