Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Martha Richardson


This program evaluation study addressed a critical deficiency in early childhood math proficiency for a local urban school district. To strengthen students' skills in mathematics, the district adopted the Common Core State Standards and piloted an inquiry-based instructional program called My Math. The purpose of this project study was to determine the extent to which My Math met the goals of improving Grades K-2 students' math proficiency. The conceptual framework was based on theories of multiple intelligences, social learning, and foundations of social development. The National Program Evaluation Standards were used to guide the program evaluation. The research questions centered on the implementation of My Math in terms of usability, lesson coherence, support provided by program materials and effectiveness of materials in enhancing students' mathematical processes based on teachers' perspectives. Data were collected from 57 teachers who completed an electronic survey and from 6 teachers who participated in focus groups and interviews. Survey data were descriptively analyzed and interview and focus group data were coded for development of common themes. Teacher participants reported gains in students' mathematical processes after using the My Math program. The program evaluation report reflected support for My Math as an effective instructional program for Grades K-2 along with recommendations for supplementation of the program with additional resources to address individual needs among students. Positive social change at the local level includes enhancing students' learning and achievement in mathematics, and assisting other districts in understanding the benefits of the My Math program on student achievement for early childhood students.