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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dana Leach


Current gaps in nursing practice can decrease by the translation, implementation, and dissemination of evidence-based practice (EBP). The purpose of this project was to provide staff nurses with EBP education and mentoring in identifying and addressing nursing practice issues using EBP to manage patient care. The Advancing Research & Clinical Practice through Close Collaboration (ARCC) and the social cognitive theory were used as a framework to guide this project development, which addressed if medical surgical nurses receiving education in EBP practice led to improved use, implementation, and improved best practice outcomes. Seven randomly selected medical surgical nurses from a local community 200-bed hospital were recruited to participate in this project. The participants were placed in a quiet room and asked to complete a pre ARCC EBP Beliefs Scale survey, review newly developed EBP education tool, and complete a post ARCC EBP Beliefs Scale survey. The EBP Beliefs Scale (EBPB) survey was used pre and post EBP educational tool review and consisted of 16 statements addressing nurses' beliefs about EBP knowledge. This survey also addressed the implementation of EBP into nursing practice. Descriptive statistical analysis was used to analyze the surveys. The results of the survey show a positive correlation between receiving education and mentoring with utilizing EBP in nursing practice. The results of this quality improvement project's social impact will improve collaboration in healthcare organizations and nursing staff to improve the use, translation, and dissemination of EBP projects for patient care improvements and overall improved patient care outcomes.

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