Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dana Leacch


In 1999, the Institute of Medicine released its report on building a safer health system. Since then, safety in patient care has become a paramount interest. Given the growing support for increasing patient safety, simulation training has become a common part of novice nurses' orientation program. This simulation training is designed to mimic situations in the acute care setting where novice nurses can practice in a patient safe environment. In this DNP project, a stroke simulation scenario and supporting patient chart was developed as an addition to a novice nurses' orientation program. The National League for Nursing simulation template was used to ensure successful incorporation of the League's standards and evidence-based practices. Five local experts were chosen to review the developed stroke simulation and corresponding patient chart. After reviewing, the experts were given a Likert-types evaluation survey to complete. The results of these surveys revealed that all experts strongly agreed that the simulation scenario was easy to follow and that the simulation patient chart provided the supporting information needed for the scenario. All experts strongly agreed that the simulation scenario would be easy to incorporate into the existing simulation programs and that the simulation scenario would enhance the critical thinking and decision making of the novice nurse. Lastly, all five of the participants strongly agreed the simulation scenario would increase patient safety when novice nurses are faced with similar situations in the acute care setting. The products of this project have been made available to the local healthcare facility for incorporation into its existing orientation program for novice nurses. The purpose of developing this simulation training is to improve the novice nurse ability and confidence to make a positive social change.