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Dana Leach


New pharmacological interventions for oncology patients have resulted in longer lifespans after treatment completion and a large population of cancer survivors in communities. When patients complete treatment regimens for cancer, they leave the oncology practice with minimal knowledge of community resources that may assist them during this time of transition. These patients may not interact with care providers again until they return for a surveillance appointment in the future. Guided by Bandura's social cognitive theory, this project's aim was to develop a community-specific brochure that described the variety of services available to oncology patients and their families. The practice-focused question that steered this project asked if the developed patient education brochure on community specific resources was easy to understand and if it contained information pertinent to the oncology population. A comprehensive review of community-based resources was undertaken and placed into a brochure for the cancer survivor sand their families. Eleven participants, oncology nurse practitioners, and chemotherapy infusion nurses from the local outpatient community clinical practice were invited to be content experts. They each reviewed the brochure using the Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool for Printable Materials reporting 100% satisfaction with the content and applicability for the intended patient population. This project promotes social change by providing easy-to-understand transitional care informational for cancer survivors using a community-based brochure approach in a

practice setting.

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