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Public Policy and Administration


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Sinsey E. Johnson

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Public Policy and Administration Faculty

Dr. George Larkin, Committee Member,

Public Policy and Administration Faculty

Dr. Tanya Settles, University Reviewer,

Public Policy and Administration Faculty

Chief Academic Officer

Eric Riedel, Ph.D.

Walden University


Workplace bullying is a source of distress and contributes to productivity losses and poor mental health among workers in the United States. Little, though, is known about how organizational structure and culture may impact the frequency of bullying within the context of federal public organizations. Using Schein's theory of organizational climate as the foundation, this correlational study examined the relationship between organizational size, type including protective services, the United States Postal Service, or other government agencies, and climate as defined by Schein. Survey data using the modifications of the Negative Acts Questionnaire and the Psychosocial Safety Climate Scale were used to collect data from a sample of 78 employees of the federal government. Data were analyzed using a linear regression technique. Results indicate that organizational size and type are not predictive of bullying behavior, but there is a statistically significant relationship between organizational climate and bullying (p = .001). The positive social change implications stemming from this study includes recommendations to federal government executives to explore organizational policies and rules to mitigate bullying behaviors through attention to organizational climate, thereby potentially increasing organizational efficiency and improving the work experience of federal employees.