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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dana Leach


Nursing response to medical emergencies has been an ongoing issue in immigration detention centers. Lack of teamwork and poor communication with medical and security staff have resulted in detainees sustaining injuries during medical emergencies. This project was developed to persuade Immigration and Customs Enforcement Health Service Corps (IHSC) leaders to consider piloting the TeamSTEPPS emergency response curriculum for nurses working in the immigration detention center. Tuckman and Jensen's model of group development will provide guidance to IHSC leaders in understanding the transformational stages of forming a successful team. TeamSTEPPS will address gaps in emergency health care competency by improving collaboration, communication, and detainee outcomes. Evaluation questionnaires will be offered after each training module and several months after the conclusion of the program. Questionnaires will be distributed, analyzed, and interpreted by IHSC leadership or their designee. Implementation of the Team STEPPS curriculum may result in increased staff morale, decreased staff turnover, and improved detainee outcomes.