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Deborah Lewis


Women with Type II diabetes face unique challenges coping with the physiologic complications of the disease, which can be enhanced or hindered by their perception of their ability to effectively manage their diabetes. The Illness Perception Questionnaire (IPQ-R) is a tool that evaluates factors influencing patient-provider communication and assesses patient's perception of their health. Guided by the common sense model of self-regulation, this quality improvement project focused on familiarizing health care providers with the IPQ-R and evaluating their receptiveness to implement it with women with Type II diabetes. Seven Primary Care providers participated in an educational in-service that included information regarding the IPQ-R and its implementation in practice. Following the educational in-service, the participants completed a 10-question questionnaire evaluating the in-service and their likelihood of implementing the IPQ-R in their practice with women with Type II diabetes. According to the descriptive analysis of the questionnaires, 71% of the providers indicated that the IPQ-R would assist them when treating women with Type II diabetes and 85% of the provider's felt that the information presented during the in-service would enhance their confidence in using the IPQ-R in practice. The primary barriers to its use in practice were screening time and a lack of support staff. Implications for social change include improved treatment of women with Type II diabetes when using the IPQ-R, improved quality of health care, and enhanced cost effectiveness at the system level for chronic illness management and prevention. The IPQ-R can offer clinicians a reliable method to improve communication and psychosocial support necessary for the successful management of Type II diabetes in women.

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