Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Eileen Fowles


Magnet Recognition, a nurse-driven certification, is an acknowledgement of nursing excellence within a hospital. Magnetic Recognition supports the highest quality of patient outcomes and is the standard for nursing care and professionalism in nursing practice. The site for this project has engaged in the process of seeking Magnet Recognition but lacked a method of communicating their progress to staff, prompting the need for the institutional intranet Magnet webpage. Guided by Roger's diffusion of innovation theory and Lewin's change management model, the purpose of this quality improvement project was to develop an evaluation plan for this webpage on the institutional intranet. Specific stakeholders within the institution were targeted to answer open-ended questions about the Magnet webpage. Their feedback was summarized and used to guide the development of the evaluation plan. Feedback revealed a need to change areas of the webpage related to navigating back to the homepage, reporting outcome data for the shared-decision councils' projects, and improving the resolution of the professional practice model. A toolkit was then developed, consisting of a checklist and a questionnaire using questions about the design and content of the Magnet webpage, which could be implemented immediately and then completed annually for continuous quality improvement. The results of this project are consistent with the literature, illustrating the importance of developing a plan for evaluating the implementation process. This project was socially significant because an effective evaluation plan could be used by other institutions seeking Magnet Recognition who develop a webpage as a strategy to engage staff and communicate their Magnet Recognition journey.