Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Joe Ann Hinrichs


Guided by the cognitive development view of reading interventions, this qualitative case study addressed the lack of intervention programs in middle schools in a large city in New Jersey State. The purpose of the study was to examine teachers' perceptions of intervention programs for low-performing readers. Research questions addressed the intervention strategies to improve students' learning, school culture, and teaching styles used to teach them. Survey questions were sent to 25 teachers chosen randomly from 5 schools in the school district. Surveys were analyzed by developing codes, clustering themes, and then developing a full description from the teachers' perspectives. The findings showed the need for a policy recommendation to address the gaps in the intervention programs, reduce students' reading predicaments, and enhance teacher participation in constant, job-embedded professional development. These findings will contribute to positive social change by informing a school-wide positive reading culture across these middle schools.