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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Kenneth Gossett


With 30 million citizens gaining access to U.S. healthcare through the Affordable Care Act by 2016, healthcare managers need preanalytic employees to ensure quality healthcare services can be provided. The purpose of this qualitative single case study explored strategies used to retain preanalytic employees. The target population consisted of 10 clinical laboratory managers in a single community-based clinical laboratory in the mid-southern United States, selected because of prior success in improved employee retention strategies. The conceptual framework grounding this study was the theory of work adjustment. Data triangulation occurred from using semistructured interviews and company documents. All interpretations from the data were subjected to member checking to ensure the trustworthiness of findings. Using the modified van Kaam method for data analysis, 3 themes included increasing employee training to enhance their roles as stakeholders, provide employee recognition and reward programs, and emphasizing to managers the importance of quality patient care. The application of the findings may contribute to social change by providing healthcare managers with new insights and strategies to retain preanalytic employees, reduce organizational costs associated with recruiting, replacing, and training of new employees, and potentially trained staff that provide quality healthcare services to community citizens.