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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Cathleen C. Santos


The role of the nurse manager is important in organizations and influences outcomes such as the safety and quality of care provided on a unit, satisfaction, turnover of nursing staff, and overall health of the work environment. Stressors for managing nurses can impair physical and emotional health and lead to poor patient and staff satisfaction, safety, and outcomes. The evidence-based practice project will explore nurse managers' well-being and self-care activities. The theoretical framework of the project is the Relationship-Based Care Model as well as Kotter's change theory. The literature suggests that self-care activities can reduce stress and improve well-being. A group of nurse managers who have accountability for inpatient hospital units will be recruited to participate in the project through public discussion boards and email groups of organizations that support nurse leaders. They will be educated through a self-guided learning module about stress and self-care and then will be asked to participate in self-care activities 3 times weekly for 4 weeks. Following the education, the nurse managers will complete a researcher-crafted posteducational assessment to evaluate whether the education and activities met their needs, whether they learned new information, and the helpfulness of the project. Nurse managers participating in regular self-care are able influence positive social change by role modeling healthy coping skills to nurses providing direct care to patients. Self-care promotes effective stress management and contributes a healthier work environment.

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