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Public Health


Frazier B. Beatty


Cancer patients worldwide receive care from multidisciplinary teams, and patients

sometimes have little or no knowledge about the different treatment options available, making communication with their care providers an important influence in how they perceive their care. Patient satisfaction with care is an important factor in determining survivorship. The increasing prevalence of cancer worldwide has become a huge public health issue. The World Health Organization has warned that the potential gains from combatting infectious diseases in Nigeria might be lost because of the increasing prevalence of cancer. The purpose of this grounded theory study was to obtain the perceptions of 30 cancer survivors in Nigeria about their care in federally funded hospitals to improve cancer care in the country. Through a constructivist grounded theory (CGT) approach, data from 30 in-depth interviews with the cancer survivors were analyzed. Data analysis included open coding, selective coding, theoretical coding, and memo writing. Three themes emerged from the data analysis: positive perception of care (P), service improvement (S), and good care experience (G), all of which were cyclically related to form the PSG substantive theory, which indicates that better health care to cancer patients will improve preventative and curative cancer care services in Nigeria. This theory was validated by relating it to 3 theories in the literature as recommended in CGT research. The implication for positive social change is that the results might provide information that can help health care professionals to improve how they communicate with, relate to, and care for cancer patients and their families in Nigeria and other countries.