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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Nancy Williams


Current research indicates that when properly implemented, professional development (PD) can positively affect teaching practice and student academic achievement. However, teachers at Lincoln High School (pseudonym) questioned the effectiveness of their district's PD: Balanced Assessment. Given the paucity of research on teachers' viewpoints of PD and how it impacts implementation, the purpose of this qualitative case study was to examine teachers' perspectives of Balanced Assessment as it relates to implementation in the classroom. Guided by Knowles adult learning theory, which states that adults need to make a connection to what they are learning to real life, this study examined 4 English language arts teachers and their perspectives of Balanced Assessment. The guiding research questions explored teachers' perspectives of Balanced Assessment, PD, and ways to enhance the training. The research design was a case study of 4 English language arts teachers and data collection included interviews and classroom observations. The data were analyzed by using HyperRESEARCH, and 4 themes emerged: voice, follow-up, same strategies but different names, and trust, results consistent with Knowles adult learning theory. Findings indicated that teachers' perceptions impact implementation and led to the creation of a 3-day PD plan. This PD incorporated the study's finding, and therefore provided teachers relevant sessions that incorporated teachers' voices and included follow-up. Social change implications include creating PD that includes the tenets of adult learning theory which could improve teacher instruction and increase academic achievement for all students.

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