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Oscar Lee


When pediatric patients are admitted to the inpatient or outpatient hospital setting they potentially have to endure procedures that cause pain, fear, and anxiety which can have a lifelong impact on the child's response to future healthcare needs. The purpose of this project was to create a comprehensive program proposal for a nitrous oxide sedation program to minimize those perceptions towards medical procedures. The project utilized a systematic review of literature and secondary data to address the most important indicators for developing a comprehensive program proposal to present to the pediatric leadership team. Multiple studies have shown nitrous oxide having an excellent safety profile in the pediatric population while providing an almost pain and anxiety free procedure. The program proposal will be used to improve pain and anxiety management for pediatric patients requiring procedures such as intravenous access, venipuncture, voiding cystourethrograms, lumbar puncture, bone marrow biopsy, port-a-cath access, PICC line insertion, dressing changes, chest tubes, and wound care. Key stakeholders and content experts were brought together to create the nitrous oxide program proposal which included a new practice guideline, a comprehensive policy and procedure for nitrous oxide administration, and an education plan. The program proposal included other key components necessary for a safe and efficient program such as a pre-assessment to determine if the child is a candidate, monitoring and documentation of nitrous oxide administration, and education for the child/parent(s). The nitrous oxide program for pediatrics was designed as a minimal sedation method to minimize procedural pain, fear, and anxiety in children where medical procedures are a necessary part of treatment.

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