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Sunil Hazari


Information technology (IT) outsourcing poses a potential job loss threat to IT professionals, which can decrease job security, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. The problem that this study addressed was the perceived role of IT outsourcing in the job stress, job dissatisfaction, and turnover intention of IT professionals. The purpose of this study was to explore how job-related stress, job dissatisfaction, and turnover intention within the IT profession are influenced by outsourcing as perceived by IT workers themselves. Phenomenology was the methodology used, and the person-environment fit theory formed the theoretical framework for this study. The research questions addressed outsourcing and its impact on IT employees, based on the perceptions of the participants. Data were collected from 20 IT professionals at 4 medium-sized firms within Central Florida using open-ended interview questions. Significant themes emerged as the interview data were analyzed and coded using words that best described the data. Synthesis of the data collected indicated that job stress and job dissatisfaction were continuing concerns among the participants, as indicated in current general literature. However, turnover intention had a less consequential impact on the IT workers' reactions to the effects of outsourcing. Contrary to the expectation that IT outsourcing plays a negative role in the job satisfaction of the participants, the study results indicated that the majority of the participants were still satisfied in their positions following IT outsourcing activities. Managers could impact social change by understanding the levels of stress and job satisfaction IT professionals experience during outsourcing. Insights from this study may help improve employees' productivity, commitment, and contributions to their local economies.