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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Mary Verklan


Healthcare organizations are responding to changes in reimbursements by redesigning and re-evaluating existing programs to improve patient outcomes. .One such intervention at the project setting was the re-evaluation of the treatment of patients with low risk for chest pain and implementing a cardiology nurse practitioner (NP) service focusing on the reduction of length of stay (LOS) with the goal of improving patient outcomes. The purpose of this doctor of nursing practice project was to evaluate the effectiveness of a nurse practitioner-led service on the reduction of LOS of patients with low risk for chest pain. An established evidenced-based guideline developed by the American Heart Association for the treatment of patients with low risk for chest pain was adopted by the NP service. The project was guided by both the Donabedian model of quality care and the Aday and Anderson theory of access to medical care. The project design proposal is a comparative study using retrospective data obtained from the medical records of LOS pre- and post-implementation of the project. Implications for social change include improvement in patient care on a national level, not only for patients with low risk for chest pain, but also for patients with other chronic diseases. Streamlining care will improve the financial standing of hospitals as well as provide care that is equal and equitable regardless of race or financial status. The findings of this project have strengthened the role of the APN globally as a social advocate for change, actively participating in designing and implementing programs to improve patients' outcomes.

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