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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Marisa L. Wilson


The literature indicates that serving as a preceptor for new nurse graduates can be challenging and stressful without proper training in this role. Many organizations appoint preceptors without providing training and support for the role, which negatively impacts both the new nurse and the preceptor. Evidence shows that a preceptor workshop can cultivate the knowledge and skills needed to train and precept new nurse graduates. Further, there is evidence that preceptorship programs ease new graduates' transition to practice, increase employee satisfaction, and improve the quality of care provided to clients. The purpose of this developmental project was to develop a preceptor workshop to prepare registered nurses to serve in the capacity of preceptors within a local agency to ease the transition for new nurse graduates into practice, increase employee satisfaction, increase retention rates, and promote higher quality of care within organizations. The preceptor workshop proposed in this project incorporates Watson's caring theory, Benner's novice-to-expert model, and Wright's domain-specific competency assessment model. These theoretical frameworks served to guide the curriculum and design of an eight-module workshop. This workshop will be shared with the partnering organization with the recommendation for implementation and evaluation within the next year. Development of an effective training program for preceptors will result in positive social change by improving outcomes for preceptors, preceptees, the organization, and the clients. Implementing this workshop will have a positive impact on the quality of care provided to clients within the organization by the affects on retention rates, satisfaction, and transition to practice.

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