Effect of Retiring Custom Web Applications on Business and Information Technology Alignment

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Diane Stottlemyer


Web applications provide the information technology (IT) implementation of business and align IT with business. Retirement of IT applications should ensure stability of business and IT alignment. The current study investigated the alignment gaps created between business and IT resulting from retiring IT software applications. The purpose of this study was to identify IT integration points with business and provide a process-based solution that sustained IT alignment with business after retiring IT applications. The theoretical framework strategic alignment model aided in identifying 3 IT domains as the IT integration points with business: enterprise architecture, configuration management database, and service-level agreement. The research methodology was grounded theory method. A process-in-operation facilitating application retirement generated the data. The grounded theory approach revealed the core category as IT and business alignment and established that the identified IT domains enabled IT alignment with business. The research findings revealed that structured decommissioning, timely repository updates, and 2-way communication between IT and business ensured continued accuracy and reliability of the repositories so business made valid interpretations. The findings may enable employees to realize their self-worth and dignity, leading to increased collaboration and coordination. The positive social change implications of these findings are in the increased alignment between IT and business, resulting in improved overall employee performance.

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